Route 7 : The Andes and the Aconcagua


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ALL WEEK LONG – from Monday to Sunday

Wonderful day on the high mountains all the way to the Aconcagua Park. The private tour was well worth the fee as allowed me to stop at any time in the best and secluded places, well known by our tour guide. The magnificent views of Andes rounded up to a memorable day.
I wholeheartedly recommend the experienced and professional services of Mendoza Andes and the trustworthy suggestions of their team. Thanks again for the awesome experience!


This exclusive high mountain Aconcagua tour (in perfect condition car or fully equipped van) is a best seller in Mendoza. During this entire day, we will follow the well-known Route 7 on the way to Chile and the Aconcagua Park, following the historical San Martin’s route, Argentina’s liberator. Breathtaking drive tour.

  • We usually leave Mendoza early at 07:30AM.
  • We first stop at the Potrerillos lake and the beautiful town of Uspallata for a buffet breakfast.
  • Our next step will be the famous Puente del Inca or Inca Bridge (a natural rock formation over the river Las Cuevas).
  • If weather permitting then we’ll have a small hike (between  1 and 2 hours) in Aconcagua Park to watch the beauty of the Stone Sentinel with its 6962m/22800ft. The Cerro Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside the Himalayas.
  • Finally a perfect Asado/BBQ is waiting for you (vegetarian option) in Uspallata. Menu is homemade empanadas and a traditional BBQ. Wine from Lutron Piedra Negra winery (Uco Valley).
  • Time to come back to Mendoza, and have a good rest !

This drive tour of Aconcagua and route 7 is available all year long and include small hike into the Aconcagua Park weather permitting. During winter, as an option of private tour, we can stop at ski station Penitentes.

What to do day after a High Mountain Aconcagua tour ? Of course visit some wineries ! Buy a wine tour and obtain discount for 2 or more tours.

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