Volcanoes Andes Adventure

Mendoza - La Rioja - Catamarca - Salta - Jujuy


  • La Payunia Park and the 800 Volcanoes
  • The ghost hotel and hotsprings of El Sosneado 
  • Valle Hermoso (from December to April)
  • Atuel river Canyon
  • Your own 4wd rental truck (Toyota Hilux or similar) (driver/guide for the first vehicle)
  • Multilingual guide (French/English/Spanish)

A magical circuit in the Andes with 4×4 to explore the stunning Payunia Park, which counts the highest density of volcanoes on Earth: lunar landscapes, amazing color scales and unique wildlife ;  In the region of Malargüe, Southern Mendoza, you will discover breathtaking landscapes and very hidden gem locations like El Sosneado, at very reasonable elevations (max 2500m/8200ft). Accommodation in charming B&B and luxurious Cabañas (chalet), you will live the perfect adventure, with the security of a driver and expert guide.


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Argentina Mendoza Road Trip 4x4 Autotour Drive tour Malargue Payunia Sosneado San Rafael Atuel Valle Hermoso Las Leñas Route 40 Uco Valley Mendoza Andes The Tintos

Day 1: Mendoza – Malargüe

The drive to reach Malargüe, small town in the south of the province of Mendoza, will go through a stunning road: the old road 40 which crosses the cordilleras and the Diamante river (el rio Diamante).
The immensity of Argentina will appear an hour and a half after departure; glaciers and volcanoes in one side, plains as far as the eye can see on the other.
After 120 km (75 miles), you will reach km 3,000 of route 40 in Sosneado – place sadly known for the Uruguay Rugby team plane crash in 1972.
From this point, you will visit Laguna Blanco, chalk cliff lagoon nestled in the cordillera where flamingos come to eat. The last 50 km (31 miles), will lead you to your luxurious cabaña (with indoor swimming pool, sauna) in Malargüe.

ACCOMODATION: Deluxe Cabaña in Malargüe- very comfortable

DRIVE: 4×4 asphalted roads or tracks – approx. 370km / 230 miles

Day 2: Las Leñas y Valle Hermoso

Relaxing day while getting into the magnificent landscapes of Malargüe’s Valleys.
You will follow Route 222, leading to the famous ski resort of Las Leñas and have the opportunity to stop whenever you want to take photos and observe the odd geological forms of this area.
Afterwards, you will visit the Niña Encantada Valley (Enchanted Child) with the Indian Legend, Pozo de las Animas and to finish Las Leñas.
Depending on the season (from December to April), you will have the chance to climb to Valle Hermoso, extraordinary road leading to a mountain lake; the panorama from the monolith is breathtaking!
Picnic lunch or restaurant depending on the opening season of the Los Molles resort.

ACCOMODATION: Deluxe Cabaña in Malargüe- very comfortable

DRIVE: 4×4 (Valle Hermoso) and asphalted road, approx 160/200km (100 / 137 miles)

Day 3: La Payunia – The 800 volcanoes park

LET THE ADVENTURE START NOW! It is actually tough to describe precisely this day… the landscapes are sooo breathtaking and will give you strong emotions of being in the middle of this volcanic immensity.
After an hour and a half of asphalt (on the newly asphalted road 40), you will reach ‘La Pasarela’, your first stop. You will be able to go down to the nearest canyon, created by the erosion of the water and the wind into the lava.
Then, a 2-hour drive is necessary to reach the heart of the Pampa Negra, with the scenic open crater of the Morado volcano where you will realize that you are walking on an unchanged land since the dinosaurs’ era.
You will have the chance to do 2 short hikes: one in the bright red crater, the other one above the crater for a spectacular view of the Andes and the impressive lava flows of the Morado.
Finally, we head to the majestic volcano Payun Liso and the Payun Matru (one of the largest volcanic craters in the world) for an unforgettable picnic. After a sweet nap where the volcanic ash warms your back on the ground, it will be time to return, not without saluting the guanaco and ñandus (emus) through the huge oil lands.
A day of 10 hours of excursion approximately according to the tracks’ conditions generating memories for your entire life.

ACCOMODATION: Deluxe Cabaña in Malargüe- very comfortable

DRIVE: 4×4 (off road/wild drive regarding road condition) and asphalted, approx 220km (137 miles)

Day 4: El Sosneado

After this incredible day encircled by volcanoes, we head for a destination known only by locals. El Sosneado (on route 220) is a return to the past until the ghost hotel and its sulfur baths on the edge of Atuel River, almost at the source.
A colorful day giving the opportunity to meet the wild life in the heart of the Andes. A new background appears at every turn of the road. The loneliness atmosphere will make you thoughtful in front of the beauty of the surrounded nature.
If the track conditions permit, you will go until the end of the road, where start our expeditions to the place of the plane crash of the Uruguayans (extension of 3-4 days possible by horseback riding and/or hiking).
Picnic lunch where the big and crushing surroundings will make you forget the stern wind.

ACCOMODATION: Cabaña great comfort in Malargüe

DRIVE: 4×4 (off road regarding road condition) and asphalted, approx 250km

Day 5: Atuel Canyon, San Rafael

On the way back to Mendoza, you will have the change to drive through the Atuel Canyon, a geological wonder of 80 million years. The 50 km (31 miles) road between the colored natural shapes and the cliffs where the condors live, makes you dizzy. Throughout the river, hydroelectric power stations remind us of the importance of water in these regions, located in the middle of deserts. The wind and the water erosion in ancient times have carved surprising figures on the rock. Today, these figures have names: El Mendigo, the Bosque de Coníferas, the Jardines Colgantes, El Elefante, El Sillón de Rivadavia, Los Monstros, El Lagarto, etc.

At the end of the canyon, we will stop for an exceptional panoramic view on the lake of Valle Grande. The central island of the lake has a submarine form, extraordinary moment. Local dishes lunch will be served in one of the many restaurants along the Rio Atuel towards San Rafael.

In the evening, fine cuisine and good wine in our beautiful guesthouse

ACCOMODATION: Bed and Breakfast in San Rafael

DRIVE: tracks and asphalted, 250km (155 miles) approx.

Day 6:  Uco Valley – End of the trip

Departure at 10 am approx. to go back to Mendoza with a stopover at the precious Uco‘s Valley.
Let’s start the visit of the outstanding Piedra Negra French bodega along with a wine tasting of the best vintages of the property. Lunch will be served in the middle of the vineyards of Chacayes, one of the most beautiful terroirs of this new wine-growing area, homeland of some of the greatest wines from Argentina.
Return to Mendoza or accommodation in the Uco Valley according to the rest of your trip.

ACCOMODATION: in Mendoza or in Uco’s Valley

DRIVE: Asphalted roads, 250km (155 miles) approx.

Argentina Mendoza Road Trip 4x4 Autotour Drive tour Malargue Payunia Sosneado San Rafael Atuel Valle Hermoso Las Leñas Route 40
Argentina Mendoza Road Trip 4x4 Autotour Drive tour Malargue Payunia Sosneado San Rafael Atuel Valle Hermoso Las Leñas Route 40
Argentina Mendoza Road Trip 4x4 Autotour Drive tour Malargue Payunia Sosneado San Rafael Atuel Valle Hermoso Las Leñas Route 40
Argentina Mendoza Road Trip 4x4 Autotour Drive tour Malargue Payunia Sosneado San Rafael Atuel Valle Hermoso Las Leñas Route 40
Argentina Mendoza Road Trip 4x4 Autotour Drive tour Malargue Payunia Sosneado San Rafael Atuel Valle Hermoso Las Leñas Route 40
Argentina Mendoza Road Trip 4x4 Autotour Drive tour Malargue Payunia Sosneado San Rafael Atuel Valle Hermoso Las Leñas Route 40
Argentina Mendoza Road Trip 4x4 Autotour Drive tour Malargue Payunia Sosneado San Rafael Atuel Valle Hermoso Las Leñas Route 40

Food and Wine in Mendoza

From 1 to 5 days wine tours in Mendoza, only the best wineries, only driven terroir and single vineyards tasting.

Gaucho Day

The most authentic horseback riding into Mendoza Andes. Live an entire day with a real gaucho and his family in his mountains.


Only for 3 months a year (End December to end March), what about discovering this absolut gem in Mendoza ? A full day climbing to the Maipo Volcano and his amazing lake, where Henri Guillaument from Aeropostale had to force land and survive.


The “Best Seller” in Mendoza ! A full day on route 7 to walk into the Aconcagua National park and watch the highest summit of the Americas (and 2nd highest on the Earth after Himalaya) at 6962m/22841ft. Many stops for amazing pictures along the route, and nice BBQ/Asado lunch.


Not enough 4WD during the road trip ? then go to visit this beautiful route who leads us to a fantastic panorama on the Aconcagua, while watching all wildlife of the Pre-Andes. Old mines and rainbow colors mountain are at the program too. A must do in Mendoza, enjoying the peaceful silence of the Andes.



Road trip, guided tour, hiking


Desert, villages, Volcanoes
Cultural and Natural Heritage

Itinerary level

few hikes each day with low ascents
No specific training is required, only high-altitude acclimation. It is mandatory to follow your guide’s advice.

Number of participants

From 2 to 12 passengers (a 4×4 vehicle for 4 pax)

Start of the journey


End of the journey

Mendoza or Uco Valley

Itinerary features

Road-trip with rental car (4×4) – guide in the first vehicle


Asphalted roads, tracks in sand and rocks.
Walk in the volcanoes lava
Duration of the stages: 2 to 7 hours of driving, 1 to 2 hours of walking/hiking


Up to 2500m/8200ft 


Breakfasts are included, as lunches or picnic lunches. Dinners for passengers and the guide are not included.


Dinner in a standard restaurant is about U$D 25-35, depending on beverages.

Liter of gasoline: about U$D 1 / liter


Day 1

Malargüe: Luxurious cabañas Monte Coiron (covered pool+sauna)

Day 2

Malargüe: Luxurious cabañas Monte Coiron (covered pool+sauna)

Day 3

Malargüe: Luxurious cabañas Monte Coiron (covered pool+sauna)

Day 4

Malargüe: Luxurious cabañas Monte Coiron (covered pool+sauna)

Day 5

San Rafael: charming high category rural Bed & Breakfast La Carmelita



A suitecase and a small backpack per person


Will be transported in the open trunck of the 4×4 vehicle and must be dust-tight. Plastic bags will be provided to protect your belongings from dust, sand and the possible rain. The vehicles are pickup trucks type without cover for more convenience.


Small backpack for hikes with a capacity of 10 liters approx. You will use it to keep your personal belongings during the day (camera, sunscreen, hat, scarf …), valuables (in case your accommodation does not have a safe locker) and for your possible medications.

Suggested packing list:


  • 1 hat (with straps) or a cap
  • 1 scarf or cheche
  • 1 hat and / or headband and gloves in the winter season
  • T-shirts. Avoid cotton, very long to dry; prefer short-sleeved shirts in breathable material
  • 1 under-sweater or long-sleeved shirt
  • 1 fleece
  • 1 hiking pants
  • 1 comfortable trousers for the evening
  • 1 Gore-Tex jacket type, simple and lightweight
  • 1 swimsuit
  • Underwears
  • Hiking socks.
  • 1 pair of high hiking shoes, make sure it is maintaining the ankle
  • 1 pair of sandals or casual shoes for the evening.

Packing list must be adapted according to the chosen season.

Temperature amplitudes are very important in the desert regions visited (from 20 to 30 ° difference sometimes between night and day). The nights are usually chilly, even in summer time.


  • High quality sunglasses, ice protection recommended for reverberation on salt deserts
  • 1 water bottle (1 liter)
  • 1 pocket knife (don’t keep it in your carry-on luggage while flying)
  • Toiletries
  • Toilet paper (on certain days, we will not find bahroom for several hours)
  • Sunscreen protection 50 minimum + lipstick
  • Plastic bags for waste

Personal pharmacy

  • Your usual medications
  • Pain medication: preferably paracetamol
  • Anti-inflammatory pills
  • Aspirin 500 to chew or swallow but NOT effervescent (to reduce the effects of altitude)
  • Anti-diarrhea
  • Antispasmodic
  • Intestinal antiseptic
  • Eye drops (dust, ophthalmia) and antibiotic cream for the eyes
  • Cold and sore throat treatments (pastilles)
  • Biaffine and sunscreen +50
  • Adhesive bandage sets + disinfectant compresses
  • Double skin – anti blisters


Mandatory Vaccines

No vaccination required.

Advised vaccines

As usual, it is preferable to be vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A and B, whooping cough, measles for children.

Other risks

It can be considered that Argentina is not a country at health risk for the traveler. Observe the advice of your Embassy.

Useful information

The medical infrastructure is excellent in Salta hospitals. It is therefore, in many cases (even serious), not necessary to consider a medical repatriation. In case of issue, however, you will have to contact your personal insurance company and possibly the Embassy in Buenos Aires.

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